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Closing Thursday, I spoke at Social media marketing World in San Diego for the sixth straight 365 days. While it’s a obliging match, there are 10 competing sessions happening at any given time. To abet pressure of us to my session, I ran Fb ads.

On this put up, I’ll define:

  1. What I Did
  2. How I Did It
  3. The Results I Saw
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Let’s dive in!

My Ad

I created a marketing campaign that started the Monday previous to my session, giving me a diminutive of more than three days of promotion (I spoke on Thursday morning). I focused my focusing on on of us in the topic (more on that in a minute), and since the match didn’t technically open till Wednesday, I couldn’t no doubt open the promoting campaign any sooner.

Here’s the advert that I created (proceed ahead and click it to play)…

When you’re acquainted with my advertising and marketing and marketing, right here’s rather celebrated for me. No longer that I’ve created ads that survey correct esteem this, nonetheless it absolutely’s reasonably straightforward and doesn’t require a produce team. I take to be ready to act on inspiration and at present hit put up.

The aim right here used to be to…

  1. Net the eye of these attending SMMW
  2. Fabricate some thriller around my presentation
  3. Show conceal the price they are able to request to accumulate

How I Did It: Goal and optimization

My aim used to be to attain the most of us attending Social media marketing World as imaginable. To attain this, I’d must mix geotargeting (inclusion and exclusion) and interests to focal point as great on my doable target audience as imaginable.

For the explanation that target audience will more than likely be diminutive, I didn’t need Fb to optimize for an action. As a end result, I weak the Reach aim…

Facebook Ads Reach Objective

…and I optimized for Reach. This implies that Fb will price my advert to as many contributors interior the focused target audience (more on that in a 2nd) as imaginable.

Since Reach optimization also incorporates a to hand Frequency Capping characteristic, I capped frequency at three cases per day.

Facebook Ads Frequency Capping

Tell that I’d build in thoughts this to be a favorable excessive frequency customarily. But in this case, I’m reaching of us for a extraordinarily diminutive duration of time and making obvious that I accumulate their attention.

I also selected to topic a handbook direct cap of $200 per 1,000 impressions.

Facebook Ads Bid Cap

All over yet one more time, right here’s no longer celebrated, and I’d no longer imply this beneath celebrated circumstances. On the opposite hand, I’m appealing, in this case, to exhaust more to accumulate obvious I attain my target audience.

How I Did It: Focusing on

My aim used to be to attain as many contributors on the conference, situated on the San Diego Conference Heart, as imaginable. Inspired by a weblog put up written by Trey Edwards, I selected a geographic microtargeting come.

This fervent the next:

  1. 1 mile radius around the most significant location
  2. Just a few 1 mile radii exclusion zones

It appears to be like esteem this…

Facebook Ads Geographic Microtargeting

It would possibly per chance possibly also simply survey a diminutive messy, nonetheless the aim used to be to attain simplest these in the San Diego Conference Heart. By with the exception of the fringes of the circle, I was ready to attain that.

I found that the target audience used to be soundless bigger than I significant. In response, I layered on the Social media Examiner curiosity.

Facebook Ads Interest Targeting

This brought me all the plot down to a doable target audience dimension of 6,500 of us.

How I Did It: Ingenious and Placements

I had a diminutive of a predicament when it got right here to placements. Every so continually, it’ll be most significant to be very cautious regarding the placements you employ when utilizing frequency capping. You don’t must waste your one impact per day (if that’s the assign you cap) on an ineffective placement.

But right here, I was the exhaust of a extraordinarily aggressive frequency capping substitute of three cases per day. I also significant to be obvious to attain of us the assign they had been. So, whereas I did decide away some placements (Market, Target audience Network, Messenger Inbox), I saved the leisure.

Facebook Ads Placements

For the explanation that video I created wasn’t very perfect for all placements, I made exhaust of Fb’s Custom Ingenious characteristic and customized the video by placement.

Facebook Ads Placements Custom Creative

I’d kind four versions of the video to fit suggestions for each and each of the placements.

Facebook Ads Placements Custom Creative

The Results

We are able to throw the implications into a pair of buckets:

  1. Fb Metrics
  2. Real World: Did it pass of us to back?

I spent $111.76 to price the advert to 2,559 of us a complete of three,821 cases (frequency of 1.49) precise by a transient, three-day window.

Impressions broke down by day esteem this:

  • Monday: 722 (18.9%)
  • Tuesday: 1,151 (30.1%)
  • Wednesday: 1,421 (37.2%)
  • Thursday: 527 (13.8%)

My session used to be at 10: 30am on Thursday.

There had been 3,172 video performs, 226 which had been at 100%. The advert also purchased…

  1. Comments from 13 unfamiliar of us
  2. 66 put up reactions
  3. 926 put up engagements

At the birth of my session, I asked the group if they noticed my advert. Of the 600 or so in the room, a precise kind amount (10-20%?) indicated that they did. That’s no longer scientific, obviously, namely since no longer each person will answer.

Overall, I’d build in thoughts it a success. For a exhaust of about $100, I’m assured that this advert helped me enact my aim of riding more of us to my talking session.

Your Flip

What attain you suspect about this come? What fill you done in identical scenarios to advertise attendance to an match?

Let me know in the feedback below!