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Abet in January, Jon wrote about Campaign Funds optimization (CBO) and how it can per chance perchance turn into the default in September 2019. Now we’re mid-summer, and we’ve all had about a months to learn precisely how CBO works, try it out, and resolve the finest course of action transferring forward.

Testing CBO – Discovering Pros and Cons

In making ready for our upcoming course on CBO, I indubitably were checking out it in every single notify and any place I will, along with asking my commerce colleagues from across the sector what they’re seeing and studying. Right here’s the backside line: no one has CBO fully figured out simply yet. No topic your nation, the vertical you promote in, or your Fb marketing campaign plot, there simply doesn’t seem like one, consistent system that all and sundry can exhaust for success.

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That doesn’t mean there aren’t some in general-popular CBO pointers as smartly as some mavens and cons of using it. Right here are some simply off the bat:


  • More straightforward to arrange
  • Can present more scaling alternatives
  • May well well additionally be important in limiting audience overlap


  • Unreliable performance
  • Requires a bigger finances to initiate
  • Requires ongoing persistence attributable to unpredictability

Most keen Practices and Guidelines

Since CBO is quiet fresh, I don’t feel 100% cushty announcing there are “easiest practices” simply yet. On the other hand, there are some in general popular pointers that I’ve been placing to the take a look at.

A pair of of doubtlessly the most handy pointers include not lumping various audience sizes collectively, setting apart remarketing and prospecting, and starting with a higher finances. Whereas you wish more advice on these pointers, the course could be a truly finest match for you!


It’s foremost to protect up in thoughts that these steered pointers are a superb deal in flux attributable to ongoing platform performance issues. Efficiency to this level has had wild swings, from moments if you happen to log into Adverts Supervisor and think you’re a genius to the following day if you happen to ask your self what the heck went spoiled and how are you an knowledgeable at this (speaking from non-public experience!).

The ongoing chatter of the Fb advertiser community additionally reflects this schizophrenic nature. Some claim they are “crushing it on CBO” while others tried CBO as soon as, their campaigns entirely tanked, and they also’ve by no procedure tried it any other time.

A Quest For Fact

I’ve realized since teaching classes with Jon that one of my obliging responsibilities isn’t to simply memoir out the data I’ve personally seen in my accounts, but I additionally will accept as true with to SHARE and COMMUNICATE what’s working for others across the sector. I asked some of my accepted advertisers what they’ve seen near to CBO and accept as true with detailed their strategies into important takeaways below.

Ravishing warning: This in all fairness nerdy, so for of us that’ve got any questions, ask them on the backside within the feedback!


Through Scott Seward, Factual Hook digital:

  • For our higher Australian customers, we’ve transitioned all BOFU (backside funnel) campaigns over to CBO and performance has been very stable
  • Examined between long-established home up of every ad home having their accept as true with finances (ABO) and CBO. CBO barely emerged because the winner
  • CBO campaigns accept as true with persistently underperformed ABO by methodology of ROAS and balance for prospecting


Through Thomas Moen:

  • CBO on Broadmatch Dynamic Product Ad Catalog (TOFU) campaigns not giving staunch results
  • CBO on remarketing using dynamic inventive various assets not giving staunch results
  • CBO on huge audiences (no focused on) working very smartly, straightforward to scale
  • TOFU campaigns in general working smartly on CBO
  • With CBO on vivid audiences we were ready to scale sooner and with significantly better ROAS


Through Florian Litterst,

  • I haven’t seen staunch results with turning on CBO for gift campaigns (as a change: recreating fresh campaigns or duplicating ad home finances campaigns and build them correct into a CBO works better for me)
  • It seems to be enjoy the more campaigns in one myth that are using CBO, the upper it indubitably works
  • A aggregate of CBO and dynamic creatives can work smartly for scaling
  • At the starting, I turned into using ad home exhaust limits loads, but at this time (in TOFU & MOFU) I’ve stopped using them and finances will get more exhaust consistent with performance
  • CBO marketing campaign setups I at this time seek a hit: 4-6 ad gadgets with 3-4 various adverts or dynamic creatives (3-4 adaptations)

United Kingdom

Through Jessie Healy, Weptopia:

  • Started using CBO in September final year on a medium-exhaust myth £50k/month and it entirely revived the myth that had been battling low conversions
  • We exhaust a combine of target worth and lowest worth optimization with computerized present
  • We took the probability of consolidating quite a lot of the ad gadgets into one predominant CBO with a realizing to accept as true with a much less complex myth home up. I turned into cautious of this but it indubitably improved performance simply away and has allowed us to continue to scale.
  • For the massive, confirmed accounts or high exhaust, CBO in point of fact works and has been a sport-changer by methodology of releasing up time to speed more checks, create more study, and no more time spent on repetitive finances adjustments
  • For decrease finances accounts with much less conversions or a much less seasoned pixel, CBO has been exhausting or riskier to verify and exhausting to resolve whether it is working or not

In Abstract

As which that you must per chance perchance seek, no one has the total solutions. We’re all quiet studying and checking out.

There are, on the opposite hand, some confirmed CBO tactics that I’ve historic all around the final few months to make stronger results for my customers. I’d enjoy to portion them with you all over our upcoming webinar, Campaign Funds optimization: Lumber Awaits with CBO, Bidding, and Cost-Primarily based Audiences. We’ll disguise every thing I’ve done personally as smartly as every thing I’ve realized from others across the sector near to CBO.

Gaze you there!